RESULTS LINK QUÉBEC (AUG 2)
Entries will be free of charge for athletes who have achieved the following standards in 2019 or 2020.

MEET RECORDS (Montréal & Québec)

11.52 (2019)     Audrey Leduc (Canada)            100m          10.31 (2019)    Cordero Gray (USA)

23.42  (2019)    Catherine Léger (Canada)         200m          20.99 (2019)    Sean McLean (USA)

53.91 (2019)     Micha Powell (Canada)            400m          46.44  (2019)   Graeme Thompson (Canada)

2:02.27 (2019)  Yolanda Ngarambe (Sweden)   800m         1:48.71 (2018)  Charles Philibert-Thiboutot (Canada)

4:07.62 (2019)  Yolanda Ngarambe (Sweden)   1500m       3:39.81 (2018)  Ford Palmer (USA)

9:01.27 (2019)  Julie-Anne Staehli (Canada)      3000m       7:58.16 (2019)  Lucas Bruchet (Canada)

13.21 (2019)     Jade Barber (USA)              100m hurdles

                                                                 400m hurdles  51.25 (2019)    Romel Lewis (Jamaica)

1:52.05 (2018)  Diane Roy (Canada)             800m FR      1:42.40 (2019)  Julien Casoli (France)

3:30.28 (2018)  Diane Roy (Canada)             1500m FR    2:55.98 (2018)  Joshua Cassidy (Canada)

                                                                   High jump    2,14m (2019)    Alexander Bowen (Panama)

4,10m (2019)   Erika Fiedler (Canada)           Pole vault      5,25m (2019)     Deryk Theodore (Canada)

58,25m (2018) Galina Mityaeva (Canada)  Hammer throw  62,09m (2018)   Philippe Jean (Canada)



Your Entries in Elite and Premium Events will be received through the following link: AVS Sport Montréal 31 july.
If your athlete in entered with one of the above standards, performance will be verified.
For any other questions related to your entries in the Elite and Premium section, please contact Laurent Godbout:

QUÉBEC (July 4)

Your Entries in Elite and Premium Events will be received through the following link: AVS Sport Québec 2 August.

If you wish to be considered for this component for the Québec meet, please contact Félix-Antoine Lapointe:



A portion of travel or accommodation costs could be covered depending on the athlete's level and seeding


Registration for the pre-programme Open events will be made through AVS Sport.

For athletes from outside Québec, please follow the instructions as indicated in this document:
AVS Instructions - ENG

If you have more problems to process your entry, please contact Nana Momoh: nmomoh@athletisme.qc.ca

The registration fee (non-refundable) will be $ 25 per event and must be paid online (by credit card) before the start of the competition.

Registration deadline for both competitions is Sunday, June 28 2020, before 23:59 hrs.


For both provincial and national events, athletes must be registered with their respective provincial or national associations. Provincial registrations must be completed through your Trackie club account at least four (4) days prior to the competition.

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